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Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

A deposit equating to 50% of the course cost needs to be made in advance prior to all course attendance.  The remaining balance is to be paid during the course.  We are able to accept cash, debit cards or all credit cards, with the exception of American Express. 

Cancellation Policy for Training Courses

10% of the total cost of the course will be non-refundable if you cancel the course at any stage, without rescheduling an alternative date.

Good Physical Health Definition

Some of the courses we run can be physically demanding, for example, the Fire Fighting and Sea Survival modules of the STCW. We therefore request that all candidates who are uncertain on this point, visit their GP prior to booking and attending the course.

Data Protection

Ambrey Risk Training and Recruitment seek to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 1998. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of personal information in order to prevent unauthorised access by third parties.

Personal Data

This is only captured when you provide it, such as when you make an enquiry about our services or book on-line. Your e-mail address and personal information will never be made available to another organisation for marketing purposes without explicit consents.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy on the internet very seriously, and we have explained above the personal data we capture and how we use it. We collect 2 types of information from site users: personal (including names, email addresses, telephone numbers and credit card information); and statistical data (e.g. how many users use the site and which pages they use).

Substance and Alcohol Policy

Ambrey operate a zero tolerance of alcohol and illegal substances aboard vessels at all times. We require the abstinence of alcohol and illegal substances amongst contractors on operational duties at sea.  We therefore operate a random substance and alcohol testing procedure of 10% of our sub-contractors base per annum. This can be carried out at any time sub-contractors travel to deployments, are on operational duty or attend our refresher training courses.  

MSOs Needed!

Ambrey continues to look for top quality, highly motivated and committed Romanian and Polish subs that are both Shell and Non-Shell compliant. For these exp individuals, we have numerous opportunities on both Shell and Non-Shell trx, although being Shell compliant provides you with additional flexibility and earning potential.
What does Shell compliant mean? The basic reqs are:
- Ex Inf,Armoured Corps,marines,airborne,SF etc. Other Arms and Services, including specialist armed police may be considered, particularly those with frontline/op tour/counter-terrorism exp.
-  Demonstrable frontline exp/ops tour within 4ys of discharge; Not left the mil/police more than 6ys ago;Live firing (full bore,MFCC);Grandfather rights: Worked with a PMSC before; Completed a min of one trx on Shell-managed vessel since 1 Jan 2014;Min of 4ys cont mil/police service.
What does Non-Shell compliant mean? The basic reqs are:
•  Ex Inf,Armoured Corps,marines,airborne,special forces etc. Other Arms and Servs, inc specialist armed police may be considered, particularly those with frontline/ops tour/counter-terrorism exp.
•  Not left mil/police more than 10 years ago.
•  Min of 4 years continuous mil/police service, preferably including recent op tour within 4 years of discharge.
Are there any show-stoppers? Yes, the 2 main ones are that your Basic CRB/PCC and your medical report -must be clean.
What is being offered?  
If you fulfil the requirements listed above please do not hesitate to contact us at ambrey.recruitment @ambrey.com