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Why Use Us

Benefits of Training with Us


Ambrey has developed a strong reputation in the security sector for excellence and high operational standards. As a business we strive to ensure that all of the very best ethics and principles of the services are employed in the commercial sector. Our business principles are on the Ambrey Risk website and are delivered across all of our full time and contract staff. This approach has ensured that we have had rapid success in the security sector.

We know that our assets are our people and reputation. In a service we know that without the best people, we cannot be the best company. In our training department we have selected highly respected, leading security industry training experts underpinned by impeccable careers in the military. We focus on excellence in security training delivered to accredited and internationally recognised standards. This should ensure your global career in private security is supported by well recognised certification. We know that we will never be the cheapest, but we hope to be the best provider in the sector. 

Ex Military Trainers

Ambrey’s trainers are predominantly ex military instructors and all are vastly experienced in their respective fields. They ensure they maintain their current operational experience in order to demonstrate to course students the very latest industry standards and operating procedures.


Potential Work Opportunities

Our Recruitment & Training team select the very best candidates to deliver our maritime security services to clients. 90% of candidates who complete our City & Guilds MSO course are immediately put forward to our operational manning list for deployment opportunities. Ambrey Risk also offers a career progression path and security industry specific development training courses that allow significant professional progression within Ambrey and the wider security industry. 

Many of our courses include a post course interview with a member of our experienced Recruitment and Training team who will offer relevant up to date industry career advice and will endeavour to answer any questions you have regarding your chosen career path.

MSOs Needed!

Ambrey continues to look for top quality, highly motivated and committed Romanian and Polish subs that are both Shell and Non-Shell compliant. For these exp individuals, we have numerous opportunities on both Shell and Non-Shell trx, although being Shell compliant provides you with additional flexibility and earning potential.
What does Shell compliant mean? The basic reqs are:
- Ex Inf,Armoured Corps,marines,airborne,SF etc. Other Arms and Services, including specialist armed police may be considered, particularly those with frontline/op tour/counter-terrorism exp.
-  Demonstrable frontline exp/ops tour within 4ys of discharge; Not left the mil/police more than 6ys ago;Live firing (full bore,MFCC);Grandfather rights: Worked with a PMSC before; Completed a min of one trx on Shell-managed vessel since 1 Jan 2014;Min of 4ys cont mil/police service.
What does Non-Shell compliant mean? The basic reqs are:
•  Ex Inf,Armoured Corps,marines,airborne,special forces etc. Other Arms and Servs, inc specialist armed police may be considered, particularly those with frontline/ops tour/counter-terrorism exp.
•  Not left mil/police more than 10 years ago.
•  Min of 4 years continuous mil/police service, preferably including recent op tour within 4 years of discharge.
Are there any show-stoppers? Yes, the 2 main ones are that your Basic CRB/PCC and your medical report -must be clean.
What is being offered?  
If you fulfil the requirements listed above please do not hesitate to contact us at ambrey.recruitment @ambrey.com